• 03/07/2020

    O STF pode acabar com a insegurança jurídica em torno dos direitos dos povos indígenas no Brasil

    No artigo, Roberto Liebgott, aborda os direitos dos povos indígenas e o processo de repercussão geral sobre terras indígenas, que tramita no STF

  • 17/12/2009

    Communique of the Indigenous Peoples

    To Your Excellencies:   Deborah Macedo Duprat Assistant Attorney General of the Republic; Luis Inácio Lula da Silva President of the Federated Republic of Brazil; Edson Lobão Minister of Mines and Energy; Carlos Minc Minister of the Environment; Marcio Meira President of FUNAI; Roberto Messias Franco President of IBAMA; Tarso Genro Minister of Justice; Gilmar […]

  • 14/12/2009

    Netherlands Ambassador visits Kaiowá Guarani village on International Day of Human Rights

    The Ambassador of the Netherlands, Mr. Kees Pieter Rade, paid a morning visit to the Guarani Kaiowá village Te’Yikue in the municipality of Caarapó (state of Mato Grosso do Sul). The visit is part of a regional meeting of Guarani Kaiowá leaders, a gathering in conjunction with the Campanha Povo Guarani – Grande Povo, organized […]

  • 10/12/2009

    the Indigenous Peoples and the Belo Monte hydroelectric project.

    The Commission on Indigenous Affairs of the Brazilian Association of Anthropology (ABA) publicly states its profound concern as to the precipitous manner with which discussions and official guidance is being conducted regarding the projected Belo Monte hydroelectric plant, including contravening technical studies and established legal proceedings.   A commission of scholars and specialists in different […]

  • 10/12/2009

    ORE ROIMÉ NDEREHE’YM (We miss you)

    Police, prison, court, judge, penal code, latinorum. These institutions rarely punish crimes committed against indigenous peoples. Because of this, the Guarani have no confidence in the justice of the whites. Known as the ‘theologians of the forest’, they believe only in prayer – porahei, from which they draw their strength and organization. Before an altar […]

  • 01/12/2009

    CIMI Public Statement: Only Federal intervention in Mato Grosso do Sul may stop violence

    The Indigenist Missionary Council (CIMI) states its repudiation and its indignation over the actions of the government in Mato Grosso do Sul in impeding the working groups created by the National Foundation for Indigenous Affairs (FUNAI) from proceeding with the anthropological studies in the region, aggressing against the constitutional rights of the indigenous peoples, especially […]

  • 20/11/2009

    Afro-Brazilians: Statute on Racial Equality, the Bahia Declaration and the continuing battle against police persecution

    12/11/2009 – 10:24 – Police persecution of the Quilombolas in Espirito Santo   One more sad episode to indicate and confirm the rubber-stamp approval of violence being exercised against the historical struggle of the Quilombolas (Afro Brazilian descendants of slaves who have lived in the region for hundreds of years) in the state of Espirito […]

  • 20/11/2009


    Thursday, 19 November, a group of farmers accompanied by armed private security forces evicted, without court order, a community of 300 Terena who had retaken part of the land Buriti, in the municipality of Sidrolândia, in Mato Grosso do Sul. A battalion of approximately 50 Military Police participated in the action.   According to Terena […]

  • 16/11/2009

    12/11/2009 – TRF strikes down injunction that suspended licensing of Belo Monte hydroelectric

    The Tribunal Regional Federal of the 1o Região (TRF-1) yesterday (11/11) struck down the injunction granted by the Justiça Federal in Altamira, Pará which suspended the licensing of the Hydroelectric of Belo Monte on the Xingu river. In the decision yesterday night, the TRF-1 accepted the petition of the Advocacia-Geral da União (AGU) to maintain […]

  • 16/11/2009


    Male teacher Rolindo Vera, a member of the Guarani Kaiowa Indigenous group, went missing on 30 October after a violent eviction carried out by armed men in Mato Groso do Sul state near Brazil’s border with Paraguay. Another male teacher, Genivaldo Vera, also went missing during the eviction. His body was later found in a […]

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