Newsletter 889 – Parents recognize body of missing Guarani Kaiowá in MS

The indigenous professors Genivaldo and Rolindo Vera of the Guarani Kaiowá people, who participated in the retaking of the land Ypo’I, near Paranhos, in Mato Grosso do Sul continue missing. However, on November 10 the parents of Genivaldo identified a body found by the Civil Police as being that of their son. The Instituto Médico Legal (IML) of Campo Grande is examining the body to confirm the identity of the victim and cause of death.


Genivaldo and Rolindo took part in an indigenous group of 25 people from the village of Pirajuí that returned to their tekohá (traditional land) on 29 October, but were expulsed by members of a private security force on October 30. Since then, the two professors have not been seen.


According to the Civil Police of Paranhos, on Nov. 7 two agents found the body of a man in a river near the city of Paranhos. On Nov.10, the families of the missing men went to the police station and, by means of photographs the parents of Genivaldo identified the features and clothing of the son. They gathered material for the IML to examine and confirm the identity of the body that had been found.


The community remains apprehensive because there has been no sign of the other professor. The Funai administration in Amambai reports that searches have been suspended since Tuesday, November 10. The soldiers from the Army, the firemen and the federal police who were searching for the professors have already left the region. The Civil Police in Paranhos, however, inform that the agents who found the body should continue the search working in the region where the body was found.


“We want them to continue searching and we want the police to search in Paraguay, because they could have taken them there”, states Tomas Vera, brother-in-law of Rolindo Vera. The Funai informs that the Paraguayan police have been informed about the disappearance and should inform the Foundation in the case of their finding the indigenous man. However, they have not been undertaking searches in the country. The frontier between Brazil and Paraguay is approximately 30 km from the place where the body was found that could be Genivaldo Vera.


Today, federal representative Iriny Lopes (PT/ES), of the Human Rights Commission of the House of Representatives, was in Campo Grande to deal with the case of the disappearance of the indigenous professors with the Ministério Público Federal (MPF-MS) and with the office of the superintendent of the Federal Police in Mato Grosso do Sul.


Brasilia, 12 November of 2009

Indigenist Missionary Council

Fonte: Indigenist Missionary council (CIMI)
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